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Ferndale's virtual reality hub puts gamers into a fantasy together
25-01-2020, 05:03 CET. Lire la suite

Zombies, Catapults And Simulated Surgery: Virtual Reality & High Tech Education Is Going Mainstream
24-01-2020, 11:23 CET. Lire la suite

Global Voice over 5G Market Outlook Report, 2020-2025: Vo5G in SmartPhones, Wearable Tech, IoT, Virtual Reality, Telepresence, Robotics, and Teleoperation ResearchAndMarkets.com
24-01-2020, 10:52 CET. Lire la suite

Fully Immersive Virtual Reality for Total Hip Arthroplasty: Objective Measurement of Skills and Transfer of Visuospatial Performance After a Competency-Based Simulation Curriculum
24-01-2020, 08:45 CET. Lire la suite

UNCG team using virtual reality to study – and improve – how humans walk
24-01-2020, 04:38 CET. Lire la suite

A Pair Of CRTs Drive This Virtual Reality Headset
24-01-2020, 01:00 CET. Lire la suite

Cooper becomes world's first hospital to use new virtual reality system for stroke patients
23-01-2020, 23:35 CET. Lire la suite

Virtual reality arcade and gaming arena coming to Goshen
23-01-2020, 20:41 CET. Lire la suite

Cooper University Health Care launches virtual reality system designed for stroke patients
23-01-2020, 19:13 CET. Lire la suite

Virtual Reality Game 'Werewolves Within' Being Turned into a Horror-Comedy Film
23-01-2020, 17:31 CET. Lire la suite

Forest City Brewery to Host a Launch Party for the New Virtual Reality Game 'Straylight'
23-01-2020, 15:53 CET. Lire la suite

Ten Virtual Reality Highlights from Sundance 2020’s New Frontier Program
23-01-2020, 13:05 CET. Lire la suite

Virtual Reality: An Extraordinarily Immersive Educational Experience at LSC-Tomball Covering The Woodlands, Spring, Conroe & North Houston Areas
23-01-2020, 10:13 CET. Lire la suite

Strap on the Goggles. Employee Training Is Entering Virtual Reality.
23-01-2020, 01:45 CET. Lire la suite

New PCI Digital Dome and Virtual Reality Experience at the Gulf Coast Exploreum
22-01-2020, 21:28 CET. Lire la suite

Augmented Reality Firm to Launch Virtual Reality Division
22-01-2020, 20:49 CET. Lire la suite

Augmented Reality Firm to Launch Virtual Reality Division News Update
22-01-2020, 20:49 CET. Lire la suite

NexTech AR Solutions adds virtual reality to its arsenal with VRitize division
22-01-2020, 14:35 CET. Lire la suite

New virtual reality experience of Scottish waters
BBC Afrique
22-01-2020, 14:01 CET. Lire la suite

Virtual reality boosts physical therapy for children with disabilities
22-01-2020, 12:51 CET. Lire la suite

Hands-On with the Pimax 8K X – An Eye Opener for Virtual Reality
22-01-2020, 12:51 CET. Lire la suite

To train more workers, companies turn to virtual reality
22-01-2020, 12:04 CET. Lire la suite

Ashley Riott Used Virtual Reality to Rebuild Her Health and Build a New Life!
22-01-2020, 11:39 CET. Lire la suite

Will augmented and virtual reality be the next big thing?
22-01-2020, 05:40 CET. Lire la suite

First Italian-American Study on Virtual Reality and Breast Cancer Shows Promising Results
21-01-2020, 19:19 CET. Lire la suite

Tim Cook subtly dinged Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and hinted virtual reality isolates ...
21-01-2020, 17:31 CET. Lire la suite

Experience Ai Weiwei's first virtual reality artwork, Omni
21-01-2020, 14:29 CET. Lire la suite

Tim Cook subtly dinged Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and hinted virtual reality isolates people
21-01-2020, 12:32 CET. Lire la suite

Top Reasons For Bringing Virtual Reality Technology Into The Office
21-01-2020, 11:15 CET. Lire la suite

Location-based Virtual Reality Market Size – Advanced Technologies & Growth Opportunities in Global Industry By 2026
21-01-2020, 05:47 CET. Lire la suite

Civil rights movement virtual reality experience comes to Frederick
21-01-2020, 00:44 CET. Lire la suite

'All the pain’: Virtual reality drops viewers into Civil Rights Movement on MLK Day at Baltimore’s Lewis Museu
21-01-2020, 00:25 CET. Lire la suite

Healthy Living: Virtual Reality Pain Management
20-01-2020, 20:34 CET. Lire la suite

OSU Assesses Physical Effects of Virtual Reality
20-01-2020, 20:05 CET. Lire la suite

Virtual reality can take the stress out of breast cancer treatment
20-01-2020, 18:48 CET. Lire la suite

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Projected as a 'Game Changer' for Future of Content
20-01-2020, 15:23 CET. Lire la suite

Blockchain virtual reality platform Decentraland begins public launch event
20-01-2020, 15:04 CET. Lire la suite

Seniors using virtual reality in York County
20-01-2020, 14:55 CET. Lire la suite

Will virtual reality finally break out in 2020?
20-01-2020, 12:30 CET. Lire la suite

Colonialism, Afrofuturism, Virtual Reality: the Best of the Singapore Biennale
20-01-2020, 12:01 CET. Lire la suite

Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) in Healthcare Market Report 2020, Industry Overview, Size, Share, Global Trends Analysis, Emerging Technology Advancement, Top Companies, Strategy Profiling, Regional Revenue
20-01-2020, 11:45 CET. Lire la suite

Virtual Reality: OSU study shows how to reduce physical risk
19-01-2020, 23:59 CET. Lire la suite

Photos: Veterans with spinal cord injuries use virtual reality head sets
18-01-2020, 22:15 CET. Lire la suite

Virtual Reality Headset Market – Insights on Challenges & Opportunities by 2016 – 2023 –
18-01-2020, 18:11 CET. Lire la suite

User Experience: What, How Much and For How Long? GSK, Lloyds Banking Group and International Virtual Reality and Healthcare Association Join XR Intelligence
18-01-2020, 10:59 CET. Lire la suite

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